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Well-known illustrator Will Sweeney made a new acid video for a French turntablists gang Birdy Nam Nam’s Goin’ In. Fresh, amusing and trendy – just the way The Besatles’ Yellow Submarine could look in the 21st century. Will Sweeney is … Lire la suite

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Recently we have agreed to provide a regular review of creative shorts for a new Russian online fanzine Experience. We are wishing to our friends from Experience every success and many readers. As long as it is available in Russian … Lire la suite

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Video mapping: showcase of 25 best works (part 2)

In the first part of this article we wrote about architectural video mapping and video projections used by brands for marketing purposes. In this second, conclusive part, we will have a look at the use of this creative technology in … Lire la suite

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