Contest: create a new look for CyberWagen!

Audiovisual Academy and its creators CyberBrothers are proud to invite you to participate in a creative contest!
We are planning to redesign CyberWagen – our famous and beloved a/v carrier. The rules are simple: no limits for your imagination, just surprise us.

File formats – TIFF, Ai, EPS
CMYK color model
Composite black (С50%, M50%, Y50%, K100%)
The scale should be 1:1.
If software limits the size, then layout can be done on a scale of 1:10, with increased resolution by 10 times. Resolution of at least 300 dpi.
Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator:
1. All work on raster images should be done in Adobe Photoshop.
2. When you finish editing, convert all fonts to curves.
Please mind to add bleeds on each side (5cm each).

Blueprints can be downloaded from here.

The author of the winning design of the CyberWagen new war paint will receive 500 USD, all other participants – adrenaline rush and feeling of contributing to our common history.
Best works will be uploaded to the Facebook contest album.
Send your works to with CyberWagen in subject till 21st of June, 21:21 (UTC+10). May the best man win!

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66 Responses to Contest: create a new look for CyberWagen!

  1. Audiovisual Academy says:

    The creative contest for our CyberWagen war paint redesign is over. We congratulate Masha Tamgina with the victory! Check out her work!


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