AV:lab at onedotzero festival

avin onedotzero 2011

As you may already know, recently in London the 15th onedotzero_adventures in motion festival came to its conclusion.
“A grandad of all digital festivals” does not need a special introduction – and you probably already have seen a talk about its past and present by the event’s founder and creative director Shane Walter on our site.
This year’s festival edition at London’s BFI was no exception – with a lot of coverage both in print and online media. Here is a short video report about it from the first hands -

Audiovisual Academy has presented AV:lab – an offline educational program that has included:
1) a half-day workshop on projection video mapping. The brains behind the development of MadMapper – probably, the most popular and talked-about software for video mapping today – Boris Edelstein and Ilan Katin shared the secrets and best practices of using Modul8 and MadMapper.
2) a 2-hours Video Projection Mapping discussion panel with the most interesting and well-known artists, practitioners and production companies in the field: Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ), Evan Grant (Seeper), Ben Fender (Drive Productions) and Fedor Aptekarev (Russian Visual Artists). The panel was chaired by Shane Walter.
3) a 2-hours Sound and Vision panel at which with AV:Lab were Quayola, Nick Ryan (Papa Sangre, Fragmented Orchestra) and Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly, Airside). The panel was led by one of the most interesting and innovative musicians of today, Scanner.

The tickets for all of them were completely sold out 2 weeks prior to the events and the audience was completely packed. On and all, the events went very smooth and were very successful – and that was nearly a miracle: from our part a joint team of 4 people from Audiovisual Academy and Russian Visual Artists (RVA) had to participate and take care of the technical coordination. Despite us submitting our papers to the British embassy few weeks in advance, a day before the first event kick-off none of us got their visas.

John Munro, Immersive’s creative director, and another contributor to the AV:in course and AV:lab lecturer at the Mapping festival, our good friend and collaborator Mr.Vux offered to give us a hand and represent RVA at the panel. Leon Trimble, a cool dude and Academy’s student from London replied to our Facebook post willing to take care of the events’ video documentation and sound recording. The rest was handled by the incredibly helpful and professional onedotzero crew. So, lots of people were supporting and trying to help us in this dire situation. To all of them we would like to express our sincere gratitude – thank you!

When all our hopes to be present at the events crashed, we have prepared and sent festival organizers a video address to the audience and panel discussion participators:

Immediately after that things took an unexpected turn: at 1AM on the day of the video mapping panel in the midst of our attempts to double-check, iron the last knots and remotely organize everything, Fedor Aptekarev got a message on his phone that the visa is ready for collection. This brave and timely action of the British consulate bot daring to let Fedor know about the positive decision late in the night turned the tables once again and the rapid succession of the following events could match a blockbuster. At 9.15 Fedor left the visa application centre with a stamped passport, in an hour was on the airport express and yet 2 hours later – on a board of the first airplane heading for London. Russian Visual Artists are dubbed as the masters of theatrical special effects, so Fedor’s dramatic appearance at the venue just minutes before the panel started was yet another proof of such a reputation.

The first our workshop on Modul8 and MadMapper we have missed and can not really provide you with much details, so we would have to rely on the rave response of the attended public. It also became a highlight of that festival, even if at the very same day there was a Bjork performance scheduled, as you can see from this onedotzero’s report:

The workshop’s video documentation is coming to our site in the following weeks, so please stay tuned.

It was not easy to get a structured information about the rest of our program from Fedor upon his return from London. He was overwhelmed with what he has seen and all that we could hear for a while from him was – “shaders, shaders, shaders”… Nevertheless, he was kind enough to provide a more detailed account under our continuous pressure. It came out as packets of information we share with you below:

“When I just have arrived my first impression was that onedotzero doesn’t look like a festival I got used to or expected to see. Not at all – and even as far from it, as possible. There were some activities and installations around the venue, but no happy intoxicated crowds on the lawns by the entrance or ongoing party-party atmosphere. Later on, when Shane started to talk, I understood what onedotzero is at once. It’s a pure media event. Probably the most pure media event I have ever been to. The festival was instantly on when we have started to talk and off when we finished. It was on when the screening program has started and off with the last frame of the screening ending title. In the gaps between the events it seemed like it didn’t exist, because there was no media. It is a very unusual festival format: it seemed to me like everybody came there for some exact reason or purpose… but I did liked it this way. Very productive.

At the panel where was a mapping people cream of the top: Seeper and Drive agencies founders, Joanie of AntiVJ and me, of RVA. People from Drive have shown a couple of top-class cases. The famous Ralph Lauren case, from which I finally got what “4D” in its title stands for: indeed, it was there for a reason. They have sprayed Ralph Lauren perfume along the street, adding a new aromatic dimension to the viewers experience. Neat!

Drive have also presented Bentley case, that became one of the very first successful projections on an automobile in the world. UVA were commissioned to produce it. Chris Bird (UVA technical director) was explaining in length how they have used d3 media servers for content creating during his presentation at AV:lab’s event at Geneva’s Mapping festival, so it was interesting to see the different view of a production company on the same case.

Seeper were talking about managing low-budget projects and about difficulties of balancing between art and commerce. I guess, it was a very familiar subject to the most of the people present there.

Joanie from AntiVJ spoke about the “purity” of artistic mapping as form and about how much content can be created just out of a white line on black background.

We, Russian Visual Artists, were talking about new trends in video projection and reverse engineering in mapping, illustrating our ideas with a case of another video projection on automobile. This time it was done by us with a GreenHippo and 6 projectors beaming from inside the car on a special film. It is an original approach that was met with a genuine interest.

Another case I have presented as an example of not a technical but artistic approach was a Pashkov House projection, where we have created complex architectural exteriors in the historical building interior. Here is the excerpt:

After the panel was over we have continued our discussion and had some beers together, and so it was a nice finish of that evening.

I liked a lot the conclusive Sound & Vision panel about sound visualization. Two of its participants had absolutely mind-blowing talks. The first one, Quayola, spoke about different aspects of generative art, bringing up as an example his Partitura project produced with VVVV, for which patches with shaders were used.

The second speaker, Nick Ryan, touched a subject of what was previously called “album art” and now became an I-pod icon or even a string of text: a track name in the player. It was a very interesting and fresh talk that everyone enjoyed a lot.

Finally, I went to the onedotzero screening program, where I was deeply impressed by a Polish animation short Paths Of Hate that tells a story of two fighter pilots. Both thumbs up and recommendations to watch it for everyone!”

And that’s about it – follow the new video releases on our site with the events’ documentation from AV:lab at onedotzero 2011, and don’t forget about our Christmas present for you: an unbelievable sale on all VJ soft (Modul8, MadMapper, Resolume, ArKaos, VDMX) in the Audiovisual Academy store!

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