A short history of printer music

People tried machines to make music since the appearance of the machines themselves. There is plenty information about the evolution of music-making machines on the web, and even a whole community dedicated to it that looks actually as it was made around same time.

In this article we wouldn’t go in depth into this by all means interesting subjects; but talk about music hardware oddities – and if you are old and geeky enough to be awaken by a nostalgia for noise of the old-school modem dialing base or sound of your first old good dot matrix printer you will understand what we are talking about.
Or watch James Houston’s masterpiece Big Ideas: Don’t get any – Radiohead cover to get a flavor of the topic.

It all started nearly half a century ago, with the rise of the machines. In 1966 somebody took a creative approach to IBM’s motto “Humans should think, machines should work” and produced a “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain” remix being played on an IBM chain printer. This idea quickly caught up and in the following decades plenty of music experiments with printers as music instruments were produced.

To be more precise, another instrument of choice apart of printer was a scanner, thanks to the HP ScanJet 4c’s SCL (Scanner Control Language) unofficial PLAY TUNE command.
In order to keep it on the subject though we will leave scanner, floppy and other kinds of hardware-went-mad music for future occasions, and take on printers music only.

With time things got much more complicated and became truly artistic. The duo known as The User enlisted three specialists to operate a computer program via a server that synchronized the dot-matrix printers and read complex ASCII text files in order to create musical compositions. The result was a techno-sounding piece that was performed by the administrators of the system, rather than one that was simply being played. Like a symphony of car horns, the coordination of these printers became Symphony #1 and #2 for Dot Matrix Printers.

A track from Symphony #1 was used as the soundtrack to Radiohead’s Skyscape at Radiohead TV and made a neat video directed by Vernie Yeung:

Meanwhile unaware of The User’s hardware music success Australian sound artist Sue Harding fell in love with the sound of matrix printers and started to do it alone. She has amassed a collection of printers and released a few tracks as part of experimental electronic compilations highly acclaimed by underground music critics and art curators.

Matrix printers were used by many established artists, like in this Japanese musician Cornelius’ track Toner.

Some pieces of classical music were specially composed for them too – Dot Matrix Printer Symphony – 10:

Interested in the subject and curious what make of matrix printer you should get? They all do have different pitch and can be used depending on the occasion. It seems to us though that for many Epson LX-1050+ is an instrument of choice.

Watch this great track by Younnat where it provides the rhythm track to his marimba and synthesizer etude

So what about now? At the forefront of the printer music development is controlling dot matrix printers with Arduino or MIDI-controllers.
If you think that matrix printer is dead as the technology became obsolete you are mistaken – modern enthusiasts are taking it seriously.

Watch printer music controlled from the launchpad -

Here are some experiments of Dot Matrix Printer Synced and Controlled from Ableton Live:

And for the finisher – one of our all-time favorites: Mistabishi’s drum’n'bass “Printer Jam” music video -

Thumbs up, try to beat that!

So, what makes a good dot matrix printer track? As Sue Harding says, its it’s a mixture of control and good luck.
Wishing you both.

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679 Responses to A short history of printer music

  1. Nirav says:

    awesome work by kenny frankland … thumbs up :-)

  2. Audiovisual Academy says:

    Thank you, Nirav!

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