Well-known illustrator Will Sweeney made a new acid video for a French turntablists gang Birdy Nam Nam’s Goin’ In.
Fresh, amusing and trendy – just the way The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine could look in the 21st century.

Will Sweeney is a London-based illustrator and graphic artist who produces comics, prints for clothing, animated videos and music albums covers. He collaborated with a number of brands, record labels, bands, magazines and TV programs, such as Stüssy, Undercover, Marvel, Beck and The Wire. You can see his works on – a web-site he supports together with Ayako Terashima.


Robert Seidel’s installation Black Mirror refers to nearly forgotten technique also called Claude glass, popular in landscape paintings of 18-19 centuries. Light-structures invade these delicate paper beings, shower them with dazzling colour, caress them with flowing powdery haze. A mirror reflects the viewer’s incidence angle of vision and seems to open up a unifying space that nonetheless remains only a surface.

Robert Seidel was born in 1977. He studied biology at at the Friedrich Schiller University (Jena, Germany) and media at the Bauhaus University (Weimar, Germany). His works were screened at various museums, such as Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, contemporary art galleries (MOCA Taipei) and festivals (Prix Ars Electronica, onedotzero). He can be found online at


Going to the store is a hillariously funny video from Dlew, an animator from sunny California. This is a super short meter piece in best absurd traditions that tells a story of a manecen who went shopping.

Dlew aka David Lewandowski is an animation artist currently living in Santa Monica. He has affinities for Comedy, Music, Film, Animation, Photography, Corgis, Awful things, and Gaming, very passionate about the fast food chain “Chick-Fil A,” as well as an authority on sweet tea. despite such an young age David already worked on a big scale productions, such as the animated graphics and the title sequence for TRON: LEGACY.


In Compressed 02 Kim Pimmel continues exploration of a subject that recently became very fashionable. It could be best described as “what if? videos”. It is an experimental genre documenting various physical and chemical experiments. The movement fans armed with macro lens pick as their subjects rust, particles, or, as in this case – black ferrofluid and dye that race through bubble structures, drawn through by the invisible forces of capillary action and magnetism. Is Nature really the best artist? Judge Goethe’s famous maxim for yourself.

Kim Pimmel is a man who doesn’t like talking much about himself. If he is really pushed to say something, he’d say simply – I’m a maker. Whatever the case, this humble maker from San-Francisco is an experienced designer in Adobe XDCE, photographer and a DJ with a soft spot for everything analog.


First published as Audiovisual Academy’s weekly review of new creative shorts online for iPad edition of F5 magazine.

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