Yota Space Festival Video Contest

Dear friends, all submissions for Yota Space Festival Video Contest are in now! Thank you for your awesome participation. You can find all the works that passed our moderation in the contest's channel at the CyberBrothers site.

Finally, we are announcing best videos, picked from dozens of works we got during the last weeks.

The winner of the $500 prize is:

Konstantin Konovalov - 7 Seconds of Gravitation

Special prizes from AV:in go to:

Ilya Kolesnikov - Sleepwalking

Evgeniy Pylinsky - SMUCH

We congratulate the following authors, whose works will be also shown on Yota Space festival:

Stereonoize - Serpentin

Evgeniy Pylinsky - Mass_Ins

Lena Nosenko - Wait for Me

Aleksandr Svirskiy - Sto

Max Tigay - Minimal Blonde

Konstantin Konovalov - Inflation of Animation

Vladimir Moss - Love Story

Max Tigay - Nichego

Graham Young - We Can Hear That Yelling Too...

All these works will be screened to thousands of people alongside works of the world's leading AV artists and collectives, such as Brian Eno, Jason Bruges, Chris Levine, United Visual Artists, Onedotzero, Musion and others.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

Yota Space is an international festival of audiovisual and interactive art, technology and all things amazing which will be held from 5 to 19 of December 2010 in St. Petersburg, Russia in the former department store "Frunzenski" located in the city centre in Moskovsky Prospect, 60.

The contest terms and conditions:

Good luck!