Mr. Lupin: video mapping with MadMapper. Part 2 | Software

In the second video on working with MadMapper software, we'll map our dummy with animated and static figures streamed from Modul8 via Syphon. Next we'll take a look at some interesting applications from the MadTools arsenal - such as MAD_LINE, that is used for creating different lines and their animation, MAD_DOUBLER - for combining several Syphon sources, MAD_GRIDMAKER - for creating a grid from squares with animation, MAD_KINECTMASKER - for work with the Microsoft Kinect camera.
The final result will be a projection on a dancing man in which real-time object tracking Kinect technology in conjunction with the use of custom mask created in MAD_KINECTMASKER will be employed.

This lecture was recorded as a part of the educational activities at the 8th Multimatograf festival in Vologda, Russia, 2012.

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