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17 videos with Immersive, ColdCut, The Light Surgeons, Scanner, UVA, Shantell Martin, Ulrich Schnauss,
Joanie Lemercier, Carlos Lascano, Ordinary Breakfast, Jean-François Laporte, Evgeni Cherni, Frieder Weiss and Denis Astakhov

СoldCut – Journeys By VJ


ColdCut is one of most innovative performing collectives of our time. During the career span of they have earned not only world wide recognition, but also respect from fellow artists for many contributions they have made - from custom made equipment which was adopted as industry standard, to ground-breaking techniques. Have a sneaky pick at the 4-deck stage set up ColdCut used during their Journey by VJ tour.

Interview With The Light Surgeons


In this video The Light Surgeons will talk about their professional career and will give some tips on optimizing the work flow, preparation for performance and set-up.

Ulrich Schnauss: making music with Ableton Live

Ulrich Schnauss is well known not only as a virtuoso keyboard player, but also as an electronic experimentator. In this video Ulrich will share has experience and insights on working in Ableton Live, will talk about the current set-up he uses both for studio music recording and live performances and will give some practical advice useful for all aspiring music-makers.

This workshop was held as a part of MIGZ 2011 festival in Moscow.

Interview with Ordinary Breakfast

In this video interview with one of most notable representatives of the Turkish underground electronic scene Mete Sezgin will talk about his experimental project Ordinary Breakfast, sources of his interest in music and musicians that influenced his style. Mete will also talk about analog DIY music instruments that he uses in his studio and during performances.

Using a contact microphone with Max/MSP

In this video programmer and sound designer Evgeni Cherni will show how contact microphones can be creatively used with Max/MSP. The featured patch was used in an interactive dance performance 1GB0.

Interview With UVA


UVA's David Bajt will explain the possibilities their custom-made software d3 provides for performers. From the overview of the interface to actual Massive Attack tour lighting and stage set-up - he will explain you the inner mechanics of working with content and creating visuals for a large scale performances.

ColdСut In Studio


In this video we will introduce you to the studio equipment ColdCut is currently using for their recording. Matt Black will also talk about hardware and software they work with and share some advice on the best practices. Don't miss him out in action!

Interview With Immersive


In this video Dave Green from Immersive will share tips and tricks of working with Horizon Addict server on the example of set-up Immersive created for the Pendulum tour's visuals. We recommend watching this video both to seasoned Addict users and the aspiring artists, willing to learn how to use the bleeding edge of technology available for producing world-class visuals.

Interview with Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ)

Joanie Lemercier

Julien Vuillet aka Mr.Vux, our friend and contributor to the Academy course took an interview with Joanie Lemercier, founder of one of the most prominent visual labels AntiVJ, that gained world-wide reputation as the leading audiovisual collective. In this interview Joanie will speak about organization of the workflow between artists from different countries on a case of the recent collaborative project with a musician and producer Flying Lotus. He will also share his insights about the future of visuals and explain why he thinks it lays in real-time video processing and programming frameworks development.

Interview with Jean-François Laporte

Jean-François Laporte is a Canadian experimental musician, composer, inventor of unique musical instruments and sound installations, creator of his own graphic noise notation system. In this video he will talk about his early music experiments. From it you will know why he prefers to work with acoustic sounds and how he began to create his own instruments. This video includes excerpts from his musical performances that illustrate his story.

Russian Visual Artists: producing media installations

In this video Denis Astakhov of Russian Visual Artists creative collective will talk about who is a producer, what is his role in projects and how a pipeline of interactive projects differs from a CG production one. On the example of Gillette project we'll take a look on all phases of creating an interactive media installation: from budget estimates and writing of client proposals to testing and assembling.

Interview With Scanner


Watch this video to learn tips and tricks of the trade from one of the top-class performers. A seasoned professional with dozens of projects under his belt, Scanner will not only give you a valuable advice on different topics from time management to creating content, but will actually show his set-up and explain how you can achieve the best results using the limited resources possible.

Interview With Matt Black (ColdCut)


ColdCut's Matt Black is one of the world's top audiovisual performers with over 20 years of practice under his belt. In this interview he will talk about challenges every audio- and video artist meets and provides his recommendations on set-up, software, MIDI integration and equipment used.

Shantell Martin: Digital Graffit

Shantell Martin is a talented New York-based artist. She started off her career in Tokyo clubs, and just in few years made it into Top10 VJs in the world according to DJ Magazine. In this video she tells about her artistic path and shares tips on digital graffiti - her original technique of live visual performance. This lecture was held as part of the AV: Lab - Audiovisual Academy's educational program at the Mapping festival 2011 in Geneva.

Carlos Lascano: modern animation techniques. Part 1

In the first part of this video an illustrator, director and animator Carlos Lascano will talk about his unique approach to creation of animation that merges together 2D and 3D animations, real puppets, and work with layers in After Effects. He will demonstrate some of his works and will show how they were made.

Carlos Lascano: modern animation techniques. Part 2

In the second part of his workshop an illustrator, filmmaker and animator Carlos Lascano will talk in detail about his experiments with techniques of animation, while working on the creation of films, that combines stop-motion, 2D and 3D models, animations and composing. He also will focus on the workflow and its organization, the use of non-linear narrative and dramatic irony, and the ways of raising money for the projects.

The Hype Cycle and artistic pursuit

In this a video designer of interactive systems and engineer in the arts Frieder Weiss will talk about the Hype Cycle phenomenon. From the Mortal Engine famous interactive performance to the super high-tech video for Kylie Minogue - on these examples you will see how the expectations and disappointments of a wide audience about new products and technology can determine the choice of creative means and artistic vision.