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9 videos with Prof. Dr. Blanca Regina Perez-Bustamante, Ana Corvalho, Toby Harris, Benge (Ben Edwards)
and Paul Mumford
Narrators — Ben Sheppee and Toby Harris

Light Culture


The scientific and technical studies related to optics and its applications will take us through the history of the image in movement and the light culture. In early optics and lenses, the glass didn’t appear until the Middle Ages, so the earliest known lenses for Greeks and Romans consisted of glass spheres filled with water. Although its origins seem to date back to Phoenician culture, glass wasn’t manufactured in Europe until the 10th Century.

Early Moving Images


This section reveals ancient techniques in theatre where sliding doors and play with shadow were the epiphany of entertainment. This global account of artistic activity gives a solid base for the lessons following and shares isights and understanding on the evolution of technologies in audiovisual arts.

Audio. Video. Avant-garde, structuralism and hypernarative.


The gap between cinema and VJing is a huge chasm, yet the ability to tell stories through audiovisual performance is one of the most interesting and challenging possibilities available to performers today. Against a backdrop of structuralist film, expanded cinema and post modernity in the audiovisual fields Paul explores the virtues and problems of live storytelling in this engaging video.

Optics And Photography


This lesson outlines the key developments in photography and film projection from the camera obscura to first analog cameras and film printing, identifying the important figures who invented and inspired moving images and cinema technology.

Experiments In Music


To recognize the important creative pursuits outside of the conventional film and sound industry, this lesson highlights the more radical figures who broke boundries in the audio and video mediums, encouraging experimentation with hardware, imagery and sound.

Television And Art


From the most important developments in television and image transmission to the most recognized names in video art: this class focuses on the impact of TV culture, and the ways it expands its influence on social and political matters.

Software And Internet


The invention of computers laid way for endless possibilities of generating audio and visual imagery. Covering software application and computer technologies influence on the creative culture, this lesson gives a detailed account on how our technological vision of the future of art has forever transformed the creative process.

Live Cinema


This experimental film by Toby Harris (D-Fuse collective member) researches Live Cinema - a genre of audiovisual performance, quickly gaining popularity in galleries, cinemas and clubs over the last ten years. This video attempts to summarize the more recent developments in the scene which has emerged from the synthesis of spoken word, projections and music.

Benge: 20 Systems


Benge (Ben Edwards) is a UK-based musician, who has amassed probably the biggest collection of analog synthesizers in the world. In this video he will talk about his collection and 20 Systems album - a CD with 20 tracks made on 20 synths spanning 20 years from 1968 to 1987. Ben will speak about most interesting examples, demonstrate how they work and let us enjoy their vintage sound.

This lecture was held as part of the AV: Lab - Audiovisual Academy's educational program at the Mapping festival 2011 in Geneva.