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Content Creation

10 videos with Ben Sheppee, Kyle Lions, Fred Moth, Dan Talson, Jean-Marie Teno and Julia Laub
Narrators — Ben Sheppee and Fred Moth

Design And Colour Theory


This lesson explains why some colours work well together, and why some pictures may hold your attention for longer. The student is directed towards creating contents which have strong visual composition by informing them on classical and modern rules of art.

Video Production


This lesson aims to give you an overview of video production techniques and basics of working with motion graphics software. It is covering a broad spectrum of topics from setting up resolution, size, ratio, to definition and formats used. It gives a quick introduction on working with raster and vector images and also contains tips on working with different sizes and codecs for processing video.

Shooting Footage


This class goes into detail on camera techniques, settings and lighting setups to help the student achieve a proffessional level of production when using a video or stills camera. The class does not go specifically into models of camera but does classify the common standards and higlights problems to watch out for when using cameras in various conditions. Sample footage exposes some common problems which are better to avoid and settings for chroma screen shooting arevunderstood through this class.

Music Theory


This is an introduction to musical composition and sound design, briefly educating on music notation, audio frequencies, time signatures and the importance of musical keys.

Design Tips Part 1


In Design tips pt.1 we will explain the best practices on integration of fonts and typography into your graphic design and video. The lesson also contains some valuable advice on adjusting your final product for displaying on LED screens and projections.

Audio Production Basics I


In this lesson we will talk about elements that are involved in music production and discuss the equipment you will need to start making your own music. It contains some useful tips on setting up your own studio at home and improving acoustics. You will also learn how to record using hardware recorders and software applications and will be introduced to some microphone recording techniques.

Audio Production Basics II


This lesson is devoted to synthesizers, samplers, drum-machines and advanced tricks for MIDI-programming that can you give control over your loaded sampler, synth or a drum-machine. The elements of audio production, such as velocity, delay, usage of quantization are also being explained. This video aimed to give you "hands on" control over your MIDI-device, both in the studio and during live performance.

Generative Art and Interactive Technologies


In this video Russian Visual Artists will speak about the evolution of generative art and interactive technologies from the appearing of demoscene to our days. This lecture excerpts contain overview of different software solutions, frameworks and environments for visual coding that is used for creating interactive installations and generative graphics, such as Processing, C++, Max/MSP, VVVV, TouchDesigner, Unity, openFrameworks.

Julia Laub: Generative Design book. Part 1

In this video designer and co-founder of the Berlin-based studio onformative Julia Laub will present the Generative Design book. She will give some insights on how it was created. In the first part Julia will show how the classical design process differs from the generative design process.

Julia Laub: Generative Design book. Part 2

In the second part she will talk about basic components of generative design and how you can create your own tools. Finally, Julia will show how they came up with an idea for the book cover.