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Career Outcomes

34 videos with Oli Sorenson, Ainsley Knott, Kyle Lions, Dan Talson, Onedozero, D-fuse, Drive, Seeper, AntiVJ,
UVA, RVA, Scanner, Dean G. Moore, Simon J Lane, Pierrick Sorin, Scott Pagano, Stuart Warren Hill
Jeffrey Shaw, Memo Atken, Kyle McDonald, Camille Scherrer, Casey Reas, Lucas Werthein, Marek Plitcha
Andreas Zecher & Ivan Poupyrev
Narrator: Ben Sheppee

Profile Management


No matter which direction a career is turning to, potential clients and patrons need to be aware of students’ future company, to provide them with new business and a steady stream of income. Essential business tools will be covered, such as producing a showreel, increasing online presence, exploring social networking, maintaining a blog and other strategies.

Artistic Path


Not every student mastering the skills put forward in these modules will end up on a stage, with thousands of fans cheering their names. But for those who will, specific attitudes are required. Artists are self-contained teams or individuals which provide an audience experience, unmediated by other brands or clients. It is their names on flyers, on the merchandise. AddictiveTV or Light Surgeons are examples of such artists.

Content Producers


This lesson will break down the different ways students can become content producers. A different network of clients is needed to fulfill this career outcome, which can range from artists, concept directors to stock footage libraries like Getty Images. Amongst other skills, good workflow and knowledge of archiving techniques will be vital to excel in this profession.

Concept Directors


Similarly to architects, some students will want to focus on the bigger picture, producing the blue print of an entire show or event, and delegating each aspect of the job at hand to individual experts and specialists. The bigger the project, the bigger the team, and the more urgent the need will be to include a project manager. Such projects may include corporate events, Mapping performances or pop promo direction.



As much as grasping the bigger picture, attention to detail is fundamental to every project, especially those involving technology. Highly specialized students are most likely to succeed in this industry, due to the high and constant demand of technical expertise. However, they may be most in need to team up with people of complementary skills. Examples of technical gurus include programmers, 3D animators and Quartz composers.

Memo Akten: trying to understand the nature of reality. Part 1

Memo Akten

In the first part of his talk an engineer and new media artist Memo Akten will talk about things that inspire him, his fascination of numbers and ideas on what define humans. He will illustrate his lecture examples from his portfolio, such as visuals for My Secret Heart and a colorful interactive installation Body Paint.

Memo Akten: trying to understand the nature of reality. Part 2

Memo Akten

In the second part of Memo Akten's lecture he will continue to talk about human nature, our perception and his vision of the scientific approach to art. To illustrate his ideas, he will showcase some works from his portfolio, such as a quadrotor show Meet Your Creator, Forms - a collaborative piece with Quayola and Reincarnation - a video choreography piece created with purpose-written custom motion tracking software.

Kyle McDonald: Life Away From Keyboard. Part 1

Kyle McDonald

In this video a well-known media artist and creative coder Kyle McDonald will talk about open source and DIY approach in creating digital art, active and helpful Processing and openFrameworks communities, and his early projects, such as experiments with 3d scanning, image mapping, music visualization and face recognition software development (FaceOSC) technologies.

Kyle McDonald: Life Away From Keyboard. Part 2

Kyle McDonald

In the second part of his talk media artist Kyle McDonald will share his thoughts about the social aspect of posting personal thoughts and ideas online, our interaction with computers, and future possibilities of augmented human communications.

Casey Reas: The Software Studio. Part 1

Casey Reas

Casey Reas is an artist, educator and one of the creators of Processing programming language. In this video he will talk about the idea of an artist's studio, he will show how workspaces evolved through time, we'll also visit Casey's studio – his computer. On examples from the book Form + Code Casey will talk about the basics of creative coding. In conclusion, he will speak about vast history of software in the arts.

Casey Reas: The Software Studio. Part 2

Casey Reas

In the second part media artist Casey Reas will speak about software and its role as a medium. He will briefly talk about how Processing was created and how the idea of teaching programming to designers and artists was based in its core. In conclusion he will show his studio outputs – a selection of works from the last 14 years.



This documentary is composed of series of interview with such prominent figures and collectives as Addictive TV, The Light Surgeons, Oli Sorenson, FataMorgana, Vector Meldrew, D-Fuse, Hexstatic. In a very entertaining style it narrates a story about the emergence of new multimedia art forms, their evolution and the current order of things at contemporary audiovisual scene.

D-Fuse: Video Mapping Benefits Cities


In this engaging interview VJ culture pioneers D-Fuse will talk about their career and challenges they have met. They will talk about social responsibility of art, will discuss in detail video mapping and why it makes cities a better place to work, live and play. This lesson is prepared in collaboration with the British Council as a part of their activities connected with the Creative Cities project. Creative Cities is an international project designed and managed by the British Council. It shares experience across Europe on the ways creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation can help to improve people’s lives - making cities better places to live, work and play. Visit our international website about European initiatives and webpages about the project activities in Russia. Read the Breakthrough Cities report to learn how cities use innovation to tackle social challenges.

D-Fuse Lecture Urban Conditions


In this lecture provided by the British Council D-Fuse members Michael Faulkner and Matthias Kispert will talk about their recent projects, share the results of their research on urbanization and globalization they have been conducting over the years and explain how creative projects can change urban conditions to the better.

UVA: Building a Career As a Visual Artist


Since their foundation in 2003 United Visual Artists (UVA) have been very active globally, developing new software solutions and creating visuals for the world's leading artists, such as Massive Attack. In this video they will talk about their venture beyond technological and creative frontiers and will explain how creativity can contribute to a better and more sustainable living.

Interview With Claire Cook (onedotzero)


onedotzero is widely recognized as one of the world's leading and most successful audiovisual collectives. In this interview Claire Spencer Cook will share her experience as onedotzero's producer and curator, explain the inner mechanics and organizational structure of the collective and give invaluable advice on how to build up a professional career in the field.

Interview with Scanner


Robin Rimbaud a.k.a Scanner is not only a very successful and experienced artist and performer. He is also a very interesting person to talk with. Don't miss out this interview in which he talks about his artistic path and projects, encouraging the new generation of artists to explore new creative horizons, re-connecting technology with emotional part of life.

Projection mapping panel. Part 1


3D video projection mapping is a relatively new trend in high demand. It blends together arts, entertainment and advertising; emerging as a must-have stunt for brands and events promo worldwide. Audiovisual Academy pulled together a discussion panel of the top practitioners in this area to speak about emerging technology and the latest trends in projection mapping for 2011 edition of onedotzero_adventures in motion festival. In this video directors of Drive Productions and Seeper collectives will talk about their most notable works and showcase some examples from their extensive portfolios.

Projection mapping panel. Part 2


In this video Joanie Lemercier from AntiVJ visual label and Fedor Aptekarev from Russian Visual Artisrs will continue the discussion.

Projection mapping panel. Part 3


In the final part of this video members of four collectives (Drive Productions, Seeper, AntiVJ and Russian Visual Artists) will discuss the best way to start working with this media. Also they will talk about the artistic and the commercial side of projects, the importance of narrative and the future developments of the projection video mapping.

Camille Scherrer: Blurring Boundaries


In this video a Swiss designer and media artist Camille Scherrer first will talk about her diploma work with augmented reality, that became the starting point of her career. See how her works, such as augmentation of Louis Vuitton book, an interactive video installation, a video mapping in an old mountain chalet and a stylish video for a giant media facade in Korea helped her to create a unique graphical language. Eventually Camille Scherrer became known worldwide for playful blending of real and virtual, and hiding complex technical aspects in everyday objects. In this talk she will explain her vision and share creative approaches to artistic and design tasks.

Super Uber: creative process in architecture, design and technology

Super Uber

In this video Lucas Werthein from the creative studio Super Uber will talk about the company itself and its most interesting works. He will show how was created a large scale mapping project for United Nations where architecture, design and technology was blended together.

Stock Footage


In this lesson Kyle Lions, stock footage bank vjloops.com director and DanTalson a.k.a VJ Dubassy will share their insights on possibilities of selling visuals for video artists and making living from it. They will cover a wide range of topics - from shooting footage to tips on successful content distribution.

Interview With ColdCut


Don't miss out this engaging interview with Matt Black - co-founder of Ninja Tunes, a member of ColdCut and one of the most experienced performing artists with over 23 years of successful career under his belt. In this video Matt Black will talk about the early days of VJ/DJ culture, first ColdCut experiments with technology and synchronizing audio and video in performance, will share his insights on audiovisual scene and will explain why in his opinion video projections and VJing are the new emerging art forms.

RVA: videomapping for theatre


Russian Visual Artists (RVA) pioneered the use of video mapping for theatrical productions in Russia. This inspiring talk about the projects RVA undertaken and special effects they used for the purpose will be of interest for everyone interested in practical applications of contemporary audiovisual technologies.

onedotzero: creative industry


onedotzero is one of the most progressive and forward thinking organizations involved in moving image, graphics and performance, commissioning and presenting innovative cross-disciplinary work with activities spanning education, publishing, consultancy, productions, short-film distribution, a DVD label, and a global event network, including the onedotzero_adventures in motion festival.

In this lecture Shane Walter - onedotzero's co-founder and CEO - explains what the organization onedotzero is and gives an insight into onedotzero's background in the new media and moving image.

Interview with Pierrick Sorin

Interview with Pierrick Sorin

In this interview French multimedia artist Pierrick Sorin will speak about a life of an artist, himself and his works: from the earliest experiments with self-filming to the recent projects, such as performance 22h13min.

This video is prepared in collaboration with Institut Francais in Moscow.

United Visual Artists: Artistic path

United Visual Artists

Chris Bird is a co-founder of the digital art group United Visual Artists, the scope of talent of which is appreciated by many world finest museums, galleries and festivals. In this video he will speak about artistic path of UVA and its projects, such as visualization for Massive Attack and U2 world tours, LED installations and integration of public art-objects into urban environment.

This lecture was held as part of the AV: Lab - Audiovisual Academy's educational program at the Mapping festival 2011 in Geneva.

Interview with Scott Pagano


Scott Pagano is a digital artist, filmmaker and motion graphics designer from Los Angeles. He works at the intersection of high technology and creates vivid, beautiful and memorable works by mixing different media types, like video, audio, photography and CG graphics. Pagano is known for collaborations with many artists in various genres, from Michael Jackson to Kid606 and Kronos Quartet. In this video he shared his creative experience with us and showed his most interesting works.

Stuart Warren Hill: Hexstatic – Holotronica

Stuart Warren Hill

Stuart Warren Hill is a member of the British duo Hexstatic, a pioneer in audiovisual culture and a VJ. In this video Stuart will talk about his works and experiments in video sampling. He will also introduce his new project Holotronica. It is a groundbreaking AV project which involves the combining of live electronic music with realtime visual synthesis delivered using the latest holographic and 3D technologies.

Round table with Jeffrey Shaw: Transdisciplinary education.

Jeffrey Shaw

As an introduction, a legendary media artist, researcher and director of the Hong Kong School of Creative Media Jeffrey Shaw will talk about himself, his works and will also share his views on the present and the future situation with the new media. Then, along with Vlad Severtsev (the founder and CEO of the Audiovisual Academy), Olga Shishko (the head of Wordshop Academy of Communication department of Media Art, an art critic and curator) and Daria Paramonova (a Strelka Institute tutor and an architecht), he will discuss problems and the current state of the transdisciplinary education in Russia and abroad.

New interactions in games. Part 1

In this video Marek Plitcha from indie game development studio Spaces Of Play will briefly talk about his team and some projects, both realized and in development. He will show four different games - Proteus, 4 min. and 33 sec. of Uniqueness, B.U.T.T.O.N, The Stanley Parable - and explain what make them special, how they use new ways of interaction and bring completely new level of experience.

New interactions in games. Part 2

In the second part of this video Marek's teammate from the studio Spaces Of Play Andreas Zecher will talk about expressing music through gameplay. As an example he will use a very colorful indie game called Sound Shapes.

Ivan Poupyrev: Computing reality

In this video a scientist, an inventor and a designer Ivan Pupyrev will show us several projects on which he has worked at Sony research laboratories. Ivan will also share with us his vision of the future and will demonstrate how it's becoming a reality featuring some of his Disney Research cases.