Julia Kaganskiy - How The Humble LED Has Changed Art, Architecture and Design. P.1 | LEDucation

Julia Kaganskiy, a global editor of The Creators Project, will talk about this initiative, artists, musicians, programmers, architects and digital creators that participate in the The Creators Project's worldwide events. She will illustrate her lecture with a showcase of the most interesting collaborative works with interactive LED technology.

This lecture was held at the Lectorium of Polytechnical Museum as a part of the educational program LEDucation 2012.

LEDucation by OSRAM and Audiovisual Academy is the first large-scale educational program in Russia fully dedicated to the state-of-the-art technologies in lighting. The platform was initiated and created by specialists from Audiovisual Academy – the pioneers of monumental audiovisual solutions in Russia, in partnership with OSRAM.