::vtol:: Circuit bending. Part 2 | Hardware

In the second tutorial on circuit bending with media artist and musician ::vtol:: we'll disassemble the synth and get acquainted with the basic methods of bending.

In total there will be four of them. The first one is locking ROM pins and bringing them up to a patch bay as banana connectors and toggle switches. The second one is creating an analog feedback from synthesizer's amplifier. The third one is outputting signals from the ROM legs as an audio. And the last one is changing processor frequency with the high frequency generator.

Author comments:
"I use banana connector most of the times, because it has only one conductor. So, it's convenient to collect and integrate a variety of possible connections to a single point through the auxiliary hole on "dad" at the top or on the side, so multiplexers are not required. Also banana is one of the oldest connectors and it was used in modular synthesizers, such as Buchla, Serge, etc, so this kind of tribute to them."

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