What is this site about?

Audiovisual Academy is a comprehensive educational program for new media and audiovisual studies. It follows a trend of regular workshops and lectures and professional training on the subject of digital content production and performance. It consists of various educational activities — both online and offline:
AV:in — an online course created with the participation of leading audiovisual scene professionals, collectives and independent artists. It will be of interest to everybody who enjoys creating audio and video and wants to make money on their hobby. The course is offered immediately upon registration, free of any charges, both in English and Russian languages.
AV:pro stands for our educational programs offline, both in Russia and abroad: regular workshops, master classes and presentations on new/digital media and audiovisual arts with well-known artists, industry professionals, Academy's tutors and developers of software/hardware solutions.
AV:lab offers intensive offline and online training programs with the wizards of digital media and best performers. It is also our platform for research and development of innovative technological solutions and creative pursuits.

Why should I register?

The registration process takes less than a minute, it's free and straightforward. Upon registration you will have access all videos and self-assesment quizzes, would be able to write blog posts and comment on the posts by other users, participate in digital art festivals Academy takes part in, visit our educational activities offline etc. In the nearest future you will be able also to obtain our certificate in new media and audiovisual arts and buy software and hardware with students discounts.

OK, I have signed up. What are those graphs I can see in my dashboard?

Recommended lessons are followed up by self-assessment quizzes enabling you to check your understanding of the concepts learned. However, you can skip the quiz and proceed to the next lesson, but in this case the graph will not display your progress.

What are the modules?

Module is a kind of discipline, which contains video lessons and quizzes related to the subject. Academy modules cover wide range of topics on content creation and promotion: from hardware and software tutorials to the tips on portfolio building and content distribution. 6 modules constitute the AV:in course, they are: History, Content Creation, Software, Hardware, Career Outcomes, Pro Tips.

What should I do if I found a mistake or a bug?

First of all, make sure that this mistake or bug is really there. If it is, drop us a line via form in Contact Us section or directly at support@audiovisualacademy.com. Please describe the problem you have encountered in detail, so we could fix it.

What's next?

In the nearest future we are planning to implement a certification program, and more actively engage our students into educational activities offline. You will receive an e-mail with our news and updates on the e-mail provided during the registration. Stay in touch!

What internet browsers does your website work with?

We support:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 +
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 +
Opera 9.64 +
Google Chrome 2.0 +
Apple Safari 3.0 +

There could be some issues and mistakes in other browsers. IE 6 is not compatible with our site.
To display our site contents correctly you need to have Adobe Flash Player v.10 or higher installed.
It is a free download, which can be found here: www.adobe.com

Known issues

- using any Flash blocking software (e.g. FlashBlock) will cause incorrect work of the video player and quizzes in lessons. Please turn it off for the learning session.
- too frequent use of pause while watching video may lead to some glitches in subtitles appearance. If this problem is persistent within one session, page reload helps. We are working on fixing that, so please keep up with this for a while.

How can I purchase goods from AV:store if there's no my currency listed?

We do have customers from other countries, such as US, SAR or Australia asking this question. You can choose Euro option and pay via card/PayPal account in your currency. It will be automatically converted to Euros accordingly to the ongoing cross-currency exchange rate in your country.

I have bought a license at AV:store, but didn't get my serial - what should I do?

If you did not receive a letter with your license serial number within 10 minutes after the purchase, please make sure that its not in your mail account Spam bin. If you still can not find it there, contact us at store@audiovisualacademy.com

My question is not answered here, what should I do?

Please use our site feedback form.