AV:lab is Audiovisual Academy's offline educational program

AV:lab is Audiovisual Academy's offline educational program that includes seminars, workshops, master classes and presentations.
These activities attract wide public interest: our lectors are re-known digital artists, famous musicians, leading audiovisual collectives, industry professionals and software / hardware solutions developers. Amongst AV:lab invited speakers were: Matt Black (ColdCut/NinjaTune), onedotzero, Russian Visual Artists, Resolume, ArKaos, Amoeba, Raquel Meyers, Benge, GreenHippo, UVA, Olga Mink, Hextatic, Modul8, MadMapper, Quayola, AntiVJ and may others. Here is a brief flavor of our activities at Yota Space festival:


1) General public and media exposure
You will get numerous publications and mentions on TV, radio, in print and online media. Guaranteed.

2) Event promotion
We make announcements about the forthcoming events on our site, in newsletters and in our social networks. You will have exposure to motivated, interested and proactive audience of thousands people in 124 countries who spread this information further. We are also in the focus of attention of the international professional and creative community. We write articles, post news and updates in our blog and on partner resources about the activities during and after your event. As we do film our lessons, workshops, talks and presentations and publish these videos on the Academy site, share them on Vimeo and YouTube, your event will have an additional and lasting exposure afterwards, both in your country and internationally.

3) Engagement and quality
Educational activities is a clear trend that became an integral part of all major events and festivals worldwide. Our experience, expertise and quality of organization will boost your event quality.
After all, Audiovisual Academy was nominated as the best Technology lectures provider in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (for AV:lab workshops series at Yota Space festival), was mentioned as one of the best educational resources on new media in Russia and one of the most innovative educational resources in the world (Mashable). It was also nominated for the Best Professional Video by the Russian National Educational Video Award "Vnimanie" in 2011.
Here are just some of the events AV:lab is proud to have participated in: Yota Space (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Live Performers Meeting (Rome, Italy), Mapping Festival (Geneva, Switzerland), MIGZ festival (Moscow, Russia), onedotzero_adventures in motion festival (London, UK).
Our lectures were held in Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, CG Event (Moscow, Russia) and we are also permanently present at La Gaîté Lyrique digital arts and modern music centre (Paris, France).


We can suggest and propose educational events and activities solutions fitting your purpose or prepare a custom program with the invited lecturers and specialists in accordance with your request.
Drop us a line at boris@audiovisualacademy.com