About AV:in — Introduction To Audiovisual Arts

What is Audiovisual Academy

Audiovisual Academy is a comprehensive educational program for new media and audiovisual studies. It follows a trend of regular workshops and lectures and professional training, which have continued to grow in popularity all around the world on the subject of audiovisual production and performance. It consists of various educational activities — both online and offline.

AV:in (Introduction to new media and audiovisual arts) is online course, offering video lectures and interviews with the world leading artists and cult collectives, such as ColdCut, United Visual Artists, onedotzero, D-fuse. It will be of interest to everybody who enjoys creating audio and video and wants to make money on their hobby.
Academy modules cover wide range of topics on content creation and promotion: from hardware and software tutorials to the tips on portfolio building and content distributionIt is supplemented by self-assessment quizzes and additional links to useful resources, offering valuable insights, tips and advice.
The course is offered immediately upon registration, free of any charges, both in English, French and Russian languages.

AV:pro stands for our educational programs offline, both in Russia and abroad: regular workshops, master classes and presentations on new/digital media and audiovisual arts with well-known artists, industry professionals, Academy's tutors and developers of software/hardware solutions.

AV:lab offers intensive offline and online training programs with the wizards of digital media and best performers. It is also our platform for research and development of innovative technological solutions and creative pursuits in collaboration with the leading Russian collective practicing interactive/digital art and design — Russian Visual Artists.

Why we made it

Just 10 years ago it was uncommon to see a band on stage supported by video projection. Because of the advancement of new media, growth of information resources, developments in technology and the changes in its prices, situation is drastically different now. Digital communication became common and expanded way beyond entertainment and show business. It can be found everywhere — from art exhibitions in the best museums and galleries to interactive displays in shopping malls. This global movement is spreading into screens, phones and other commercial applications as well as providing a rich source of culture for digital communities inspiring new trends in design and art. More and more people are seeking and acquiring the skills required for digital production and interactive creation.

Still, there is growing shortage of professionals working in this field creating original contents and having good knowledge of the elements involved to produce commercial works and audiovisual performances.
Audiovisual Academy is a new media course for this market. We have developed a unique up-to-date course which didn't exist before, put it online and made it free, so it has unlimited outreach to people requiring these skills around the world.
We also recognize the benefits to companies as a marketing and branding opportunity. This can quickly be developed as a professional umbrella of education and promotion where more business can evolve and more skills can develop.
To summarize: this plan fills a gap in the market of education, puts creativity back into the community, and prepares the next generation with a set of skills which are currently in demand.

About Academy creators

The project has been developed by CyberBrothers in collaboration with the British Council, which supports the initiative AV:in with their resources and educational programs developed under the project Creative Cities and Creative Economy.
The leading figures, projects and companies of audiovisual culture were involved, whom you can read about in Contributors and Partners sections of this site.